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We welcome Bubbles Brown as the 2021 Spring Green musician in residence Sept. 12-Sept. 25. The residency review panel described the Chicago-based duo as being spontaneously creative, making music that will serve up a good time, and will certainly be able to engage artists and residents of the area.


This is the fourth year of the Musician in Residence program thanks to private donations and a  grant from the Sauk County Extension Education, Arts and Culture Committee and Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin.

The residency's goal is to provide creative space for a musician to songwrite, perform and collaborate. Bubbles Brown will enjoy two weeks in Spring Green, allowing them a unique time and space to spend with their craft. Collaborative sessions with local artists will provide a space for the duo to help others with creative inspiration and will in turn, provide them with new creative works and energy.

The Spring Green Musician in Residence features several free events throughout the two weeks. 



SEPTEMBER 18  @ Smoke in the Valley-Prem Meats 11:30am free show

SEPTEMBER 18  @ The Slowpoke Lounge   7:30pm free show

SEPTEMBER 19  @ Branding Iron Roadhouse  1:00pm free show

SEPTEMBER 24 @ The Sh*tty Barn 7:00pm  *ticket required
Additional show announced soon!

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